Farbitex Acrylic Ceiling Paint

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-Acrylic-based, matte-appearance  interior ceiling paint.

-Used in ceiling works;

-Dissolved with water;

It should be applied   1-2 layers.

200-250 grams  paint should be used to cover 1 square meter.Curing speed is 6-8 hours.

Places of use:

-Brick, concrete, cement, plasterboard, putty surfaces.

Preparation and use:

The surface should be cleaned of all kinds of oil, dirt, dust and moisture, old adhesive residues, old paint should be removed from the surface. Farbitex Binder is used to further reduce consumption and create the perfect surface for paint. Ready to use. The main color is white. However, it is possible to get any color using Ticiana mix.


-3kg; 6kg; 13kg; 25kg