Grabond Poliuretan Köpük 500ml

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5.40 AZN

Product Name: Grabond polyuretane foam
Application areas Doors and glass frames, pipes, and their line gaps, power lines, panels, landscape and roof panels
Purpose of usage Installation, insulation, filling of line gaps, gluing (panel, landscape), filling of cracks and fissures
Shelf life and storage 18 months at +21 degrees
      Application guide First, shake the balloon upside down 30-35 times and place the pipette. The area to be used should be cleaned of dirt, oil, dust. Wet the surface to be applied lightly. Turn the balloon upside down and fill the cavity with 1/3 foam. The foam has a swelling potential of about 45 liters. .Foam should be used in reverse
Application temperature Minimum +5 degrees
Gross weight  500ml/530 gr.