Magmaweld ID 300 E – MMA Welding Machines

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Name Size Standard/Optional
Electrode Clamp And Cable 25mm2/3mt (35 soket) Standard
Ground Clamp And Cable 25mm2/3mt (35 soket) Standard


1,800.00 AZN

  • Operates with 3 Phase 400V-50/60 Hz mains voltage and generators, tolerates voltage fluctuations up to 15%.
  • Due to inverter technology, energy efficiency is higher than the conventional machines.
  • Excellent welding characteristics for rutile and basic electrodes.
  • Scratch TIG welding on even thin metals due to its stable low currents.
  • Welding current is adjusted precisely by the potentiometer knob on the front panel or by the remote control. Preset values and welding current and voltage values are digitally monitored from the front panel.
  • Advenced options; Hot Start for easy ignition, Arc Force for arc stability, Anti Stick to prevent electrode sticking.
  • Stable welding current without loss of performance due to electric line fluctuations or with long welding and electrical cables.
  • Fan cooling and thermal protection against overheating.
  • Standard accessories come with the machine.
Power Source
Mains Voltage (1Ph) 400 V
Input Power 16.1 (%30) kVA
Input Current (Eff.) 12.8 (%30) A
Welding Current Range 5-300 A
Nominal Welding Current 300 (%30) A
Open Circuit Voltage 85 VDC
Electrode Diameter 1.60 – 5.00 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 526 x 250 x 408 mm
Weight (Net) 21 Kg
Protection Class IP21