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Name Dimension Standard/Optional
Electrode Clamp And Cable 25mm2/2mt (25 soket) Standard
Ground Clamp And Cable 25mm2/2mt (25 soket) Standard

576.00 AZN

  • Operates with 1 Phase 230V-50/60 Hz mains voltage and generators, tolerates voltage fluctuations up to 15%.
  • Due to inverter technology, energy efficiency is higher than the conventional machines.
  • Excellent welding characteristics for rutile and basic electrodes up to 3.25 mm in diameter.
  • Current adjustment scale by electrode diameters for easy parameter selection.
  • Scratch TIG welding on even thin metals due to its stable low currents.
  • The smallest model of the family with a weight of 5 kg and the compact design, it can easily be carried or hanged by the shoulder strap.
  • Stable welding current without loss of performance due to electric line fluctuations or with longer welding and electrical cables.
  • Designed also for outdoor use, protection class is IP 23.
  • Fan cooling and thermal protection against overheating.
  • Standard accessories come with the machine.
Power Source
Mains Voltage (1Ph) 230 V
Input Current (effective) 15,76 A
Input Power 6,47 kVa
Welding Current Range 10 - 200 A
Rated Welding Current (@25°C) 130 A (%100)
Rated Welding Current (@25°C) 200 A (%30)
Open Circuit Voltage 75 VDC V
Electrode Diameter 1.60 - 4.00 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 360 x 120 x 200 mm
Weight (Net) 5 Kg
Protection Class IP23