Olecolor 3b1 Synthetic Lux Paint

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-Alkyd-based. Manufactured for painting wood, metal and other surfaces inside and outside all types of buildings and structures. It is a luxury paint with high brightness and durability;

-Builds a strong barrier against corrosion and rust;

-Contains 3 functions -Primer,high-gloss synthetic paint,as well as high brightness;

-Farbitex 646 thinner can be used as a thinner;

-Paint is produced by German technology NETZSCH;

-Dry time is 6 hours of textile drying at a temperature of + 20 ° C. After 24 hours, the second layer can be easily applied;


Cyst, roller, paint gun;

Shelf life:

-2 years (provided it is stored in a cool and dry place);


-80-150 g / m2 (per 1 square meter);


-0.9kg; 2.7kg; 4kg;