“Unimac” company has been operating as an individual entrepreneur since 2002. During first years of its work period our company implemented on the sales of knick-knack products and than during the following years enlarged its work sphere and organized the sales and service of wide range of products.

Our company is engaged in the sales of worldwide brands on 6 categories: Abrasive, Adhesive, Paints, Electric products, Knick-Knack products and Tools&Materials.

Unimac company is a strategic partner of Bosch GMBH for power tools. Additionally, our company is the official representative of Klingspor, Norton, Magmaweld, Misom, Interflex, Uniflex, Skom Flex, Skom, Skom Screw, Duyar, Unitools, Fisco, Polbrush, Grabond, Soudal, Fevicol, KS, Ibo Kabel, Momentive, Sazi, Unirulo, Rezult, Expert Choice, Vox, brands in our country.


The greatest wealth


Main power of business activity


To create reliable and long term corporation with the customers


To provide the most optimal condition for the staff